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Safety Considerations for the 2020 Down on the Farm Event

This year will look very different than years past. In order for us to move forward with the event some hard decisions had to be made but they are nothing that you are not already used to.
1. Upon entry, Everyone is required to have a mask.
2. Hand sanitizer will be available at the gate, please use it as you enter.
3. A sign-in sheet will be located on the tables as soon as you enter the gate. Please sign in so we can have a list of those in attendance.
4. Once you are seated you can remove your mask and prepare to enjoy the worship event. If you get up during the event to visit the restroom or the merchandise tents please put your mask on during that time as well.
5. Please stay seated with the group you arrive with and space yourselves out at that all too familiar 6ft space between groups.
Those are 5 things that will help keep us safe and in compliance with CDC guidelines. Please help us with these simple rules so that this year's event can still be a great worship experience. Thanks!!!

Down on the Farm, Thrive Outreach Ministries, Steven Maness(Property Owner), and other vendors are not responsible for any accidents, sickness, or any COVID-19-related illness.